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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Empowered Mom ( to rise again..

 A few minutes ago, out of the blue, was available without a broker at godaddy. So what else to do but claim it.. again.. 

I remember how disheartened I was when I lost this domain. And every time I searched it, what I saw were disappointing. From being a make-up site to a monastery website, yo a lotto site in China, a gambling site to lingerie and whatever it had become previously, now I can rest and keep it running as my own site again. It used to be PR 4 so it was earning me a lot of dough. Then I encountered a problem in renewal. It was crazy. I couldn't renew it, renewal always failed. Until it was past deadline and completely, I lost the site. 

But all is well now. I can revive Empowered Mom now. I am beyond grateful. Thank you Universe.. 

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