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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Of Domains and Hobbies

Gone were the times when we think of new hobbies, we buy a new domain and set a new blog to go with the new hobby. In those cheap domain days, we could easily find a new thing to do and blog about it in .com or .info, even on .live and .online domains.. We could just easily fill whatever space in the blogosphere and Godaddy just give us all those discount vouchers and so we buy domains in 2s, 3s or even 10s.. I looked into buying more domains for my three other blogs but they are quite expensive now. Plus, it's so disheartening to find my old domains are actually now more than ten times their worth when I bought them just when I was beginning my journey as a blogger, years ago. How time flies so fast.. I am quite dazed and confused at the thought that I was able to manage feeds and feedburners, analyze data and make sure that all writing gigs done before due date, or cut off so I would get my money by the end date and get paid on time. Buying domains was the hobby in those days that paid well afterwards.. 

Now I wonder, will this come back be worth it? Let's just wait and see.. Come holiday, I am going to work on fixing loose ends and see if I can still mend some of them. It seems I have forgotten so much of the routine. I even forget password of sites that pay well. I wonder if I still have orders in my dashboards.. ha! That'll really be a good thing.. I guess I just have to make sure my heart is really into this again. If not, everything will be put to waste.. 

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