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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Because.. Why not???

Ah, a well deserved break. Today marked the end of 2020 for all our classes. We had online Christmas parties organized for for each class, this morning. After our staff meeting, all's done. Napped through the afternoon and woke up with Voice on Netflix  still playing. Hahaha.. What to do when the pandemic is still not over? Netflix, Netflix and Netflix.. Can you relate?
At 2 in the morning, I am cracking Walnuts. This is actually in preparation for all the recipes I am going to follow for our Christmas Medya Noche on the 24th.
But cracking Walnuts is better with Cabernet Sauvignon. Ha! So I opened my red wine ahead, hahahaha...
Oh well, look at this yummy Walnut. Isn't it gorgeous?   If not for the pandemic, I 'd be on a plane now, bound for Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok, then Manila or Cebu, then my hometown, instead of killing time like this. This will be the first time to spend Christmas away from my family. It's a good thing I have housemates to spend it with. 

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