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Monday, December 28, 2020

Roselle Flower Tea

When I was in the Philippines, I used to buy Roselle Juice from a supplier and it costs a lot mainly because Roselle doesn't grow in my country. Here in Myanmar, I first had my first taste of Roselle in a Shan soup dish when I lived in Lashio. Now that I am here in Mandalay, I got hold of Roselle leaves at first, and dried them using my dehydrator, to make tea. They are actually sold in the supermarket as one of the vegetables people buy to use in cooking. 

A few days ago, we went to a morning market and found Roselle flowers sold at a really cheap price. So I bought some, and dried them in my dehydrator.
Now I have a jar full of dried Roselle flowers to make tea or juice with.
This is one of the reasons why I like it here in Myanmar. You get everything cheap and healthy. Unlike when I lived in Singapore, where everything is quite costly.

Roselle has a lot of health benefits. Here is a video I found. Do watch it.

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