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Saturday, April 24, 2021

My Young Living Journey Begins

I signed up for Young Living days before repatriation from Myanmar. When I arrived in the Philippines, it was only the time when I made payment during quarantine, because my enroller paid it while I was not able to process anything bank related back there. Banks were closed due to the unrest, and we couldn't do online banking because we had limited internet connection, which when we have it, was very slow. 

And it was only a few days ago that I had been able to do an unboxing of my YL PSK for my YouTube Channel, Mommy Dharlz. Below is the video, please watch it,

If you are interested to be part of my team, please leave me a message.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

7 Day Quarantine + Swab Test

Today is the 5th day of our quarantine, and this morning we had our swab test. It was a first for me, so I had been really anxious about it many days ago, and especially yesterday. Now that it's over, I feel better. I just need to think positively of the result, which is NEGATIVE - covidwise, lol.. 

Our government has set up a new system where we can easily check our results and get the certificate of result. 

So this morning we had the swab test, but it hasn't reached the lab yet.

When there is a result already, we will easily know... So when we have the result, I guess we can already go home. Then I will be with my family. 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Finally HOME!

We just arrived, and finally, settled in our quarantine facility. The people from OWWA and Philippine Coast Guard are taking care of us here now. But I want to commend the hard work that the Philippine Embassy in Myanmar have also put into bringing us all home, OFWs and Non OFWs.

Such a tiring two day travel, from Mandalay to Yangon and Yangon then here in Manila. But, thank you UNIVERSE, all is well now. I cried twice in this journey. First when we were approaching Yangon International Airport, and then when the plane landed in Manila International Airport. It's a mix of emotion leaving behind your home for almost 4 years, and coming home to your very own country. I guess it's because I haven't been home since last year, summer, October and December, unlike the previous years that I had a chance to go home 3 time a year.

Well, this will be a new adventure. I am glad I have set up my blogs again so I can freelance online as I wait for my next country of destination. 

Until we meet again friends in Myanmar. Please stay safe.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Birthday Donation Fundraising Thru Online Garage Sale and Previous Donations

I am pleased to announce that we have wrapped up our birthday donation fundraising through Online Garage Sale, and we are now ready to hand over 125,000 MMK and $10. Such a small amount, but it's heartily given from the sales of our items. I am grateful for Teacher Grace as she shared 50% of the sales of some of her items, that's 19000 in total. She will also be donating her unsold items, together with us, to  The Way Station Vineyard.

Previously, we have shared 2 sacks of Paw San Rice to  the beneficiary of the HCIS English Speaking Competition, Heal The Kids Burma.

And of course, during the Project X Competition of the same school, we have also donated both to the winners of the contest, as well as to the beneficiary of the said competition. 

For the Project X 2020 contest winners, we donated magnifying glass for all winners, plus 1st place winners received extra gift items in their bag. 

For the Aung Thuka Foundation orphanage, we donated school supplies, Math counters, English books and flash cards, colored pens and markers.

These 3 donations that we have participated in here in Myanmar, are truly life changing. It is in times when we don't have much to give that we have the desire to give because we know it is the only way we can help ease the burdens of others who are suffering. It doesn't matter how much... The important thing is we have given something along with our hearts...

Thank you Universe for these opportunities.