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Monday, November 8, 2021

Our Dogs

We have four dogs now. Three puppies and one 9 year-old. The two puppiew are at home while these two are here with me in our farm. Not fully developed but we're getting there. 

Here we have a fishpond, Dragon fruits, some vegetables and flowering plants, as well  as fruit trees like Jackfruit, Marang, Santol and many others. We also have Rabbits and Turkey that I am personally taking care of.   

Whenever I go to feed the Turkeys, I take the dogs with me because there are snakes everywhere, the farm had been their territory eversince. Our dogs have become my best guard and weapon, so to speak. At night they are by my door guarding me as I sleep. 

Now about our dogs. Mishka is my brother's dog so when he left for New Zealand, she stayed with my parents and the whole family loves her. The two puppies at home are from my baby brother's friend. He asked for one but I asked if I could have one too. My companion here supposedly. So he was given two. (I will edit this post when I have a pic of the two)

Dodgie was a stray along with his siblings. They were abandoned, abused and rescued by my cousin and her boyfriend. I adopted Dodgie when the puppies from my baby brother's friend didn't arrive yet. He was at first aloof and then later on got clingy. Sweet dog. Here in the farm he and Mishka gets along well. Although sometimes during play, they both have a tendency to hurt each other. 

I am sometimes frustrated with these two because they are sometimes mischievous and hard headed, but often I am glad they are here with me. 

Thank you Universe 

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