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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

How to debunk the misconception na when you’re “bobo” you go with tech-voc instead of college

I have been a teacher for more than 20 years in different settings. When K-12 started, I was already teaching in DepEd (before I left 5 years ago and became an International teacher in Myanmar - that was my last stint before deciding to become a livestock farmer now - that will go to another blogpost) and promoting it on the last year before transition. It was difficult to convince parents that it has a positive impact on the education of their children especially because most of my students were from families of low income to no income at all (well there were some who lived on welfare) but since public education is free for everyone, then they were enrolled. Promising students talk about going to universities for college, and take the courses they have in mind, but first they needed to align their tracks for senior high-school before college. As a Grade 9 ESP Teacher then, I felt it was my responsibility to make sure that my students see the bigger picture while giving them the right information they need and deserve. Some students, although they are not failing in class, didn't see a future in universities so I had to make sure they also know their options. There's the Technical-Vocational Education and Training which would help students hone skills and use them to their advantage, and make money for their future. Sadly, there are quite a number of people who think that TVET is only for the low achievers in the class, thus parents never want their children to choose TVET at all costs. Such misconception has left some misguided and end up starting but not finishing college for so many different reasons, including poverty and lack of interest. TVET should be welcomed with positivity based on the fact that college is expensive and takes a long time to finish and, some students, based on multiple intelligence, can actually perform better if it's hands-on training in less time of accomplishment unlike 4-5 years of college. There's the practical side too. A student can already apply the skill and make money while still doing continued learning. The requirement is only Basic Education (the last 4 years of HS is crucial) plus a few years to get a diploma but half the time spent (or even less) to finish a college degree. 
So hindi bobo ang nageenrol sa TVET. Di dapat jinajudge that way ang choices when it comes to education. One just has his or her specific reason/s. Siguro gusto na kumita agad at ayaw na ng pangmatagalang gastos. But wait, meron din levels of proficiency at nagpapractical exams din. Hindi lang so-so ang  TVET..

Below are the proficiency levels to compare TVET with Higher Education 

And the title equivalence:

And take note, graduates of Senior High School are already job-ready because the training actually started in Grade 9, through  the Technology and Livelihood Education subject.

Below are the 2 tracks of TVET, kaya huwag smallin..

Professional Tracks

Livelihood Tracks

Kung iisipin natin, malaking tulong ang TVET in building our nation. Maraming opportunities kahit hindi college graduate. Kaya sana magtulungan tayong ibigay ito as an option sa mga batang naguguluhan in preparation for their future.
Right now, kahit nasa farm ako, nagagamit ko parin minsan ang pagiging teacher sa mga bata dito. By encouraging them nakapagbibigay tayo ng pagasa sa kanilang hinaharap. Magtulungan tayo. Let's promote TVET lalo na kung nakikita nating eto ang makapagbibigay tulong sa mga bata sa communities natin.

So how to debunk the misconception that only "the bobo" will take TVET?

- Positively PROMOTE TVET

- Mention training and proficiency: the trainers and the exams

- Give it as one of the  options to the undecided
- Let students imagine a bigger picture of their future
- Cite examples, mention successful people who used TVET to their advantage in the Philippines and abroad

Did you know that the Philippines is the Tech-Voc Center in Asia with global standards?

That's why TVET graduates should be included in the roster of professionals. There needs to be Professionalization and licensing of Tech-Voc tracks in both Professional tracks and Livelihood tracks.

As you must know, the Qualifications of Tech-Voc instructors and educators as experts in their field of interest is not a joke. Getting a methodology course does not qualify as trainors. Trainors underwent rigid Training and Specialization. 

It takes a community to raise, educate and encourage the child. 

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