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Friday, March 18, 2022

Thoughts on my birthday..

Today is my 46th year on earth. I am grateful to have reached this milestone as some of my friends are already dead before reaching this age. Blame Covid, blame Cancer, blame whatever sickness or circumstances they went through and sadly, didn't make it. But blaming is not the thing, really. For me, it's more like having a mission that you need to fulfil, whatever that is or a lesson in this lifetime that one needs to learn before moving on to the next. Surely, I may not have accomplished my mission yet and there are still a lot of lessons to learn that I am still given am added year to stay here. Plus I don't think I am ready to leave behind my darling daughter and my loves ones. 

Anyway, today I started my day with all positivity but when death comes we really can't do anything but accept it. The last Ayam Cemani that I took care of died, maybe at dawn today, or maybe last night, because when I went to take care of him and his needs this morning, he was cold and stiff. Sad.

On the contrary, I am happy that my parents arrived safely and we celebrated my birthday with a hearty lunch they brought. I am blessed to have such wonderful parents and siblings, plus my daughter and niece who sent food and gifts. Yay.. 

Truly, I am beyond blessed. 
Thank you Universe ❤ 😊 

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