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Friday, April 8, 2022

Thank you for the love

My birthday came but it's just an ordinary day for me. Days before my natal day I never felt any excitement really. I am grateful for having reached another year though. But as they say, it just becomes an ordinary day as you get older. 

My parents arrived and brought all the good food to enjoy, plus a bigger portion of my mom's birthday cake with the Happy Birthday part. She celebrated 2 days earlier and its quite practical since we don't have a refrigerator in our offgrid farm, we couldn't store anything so we just simply eat right there and then. I also received presents which were all practical things to use while I am here. 

Now, I may be far away but I felt all the love in my FB Messenger. I have set my FB not to remind people and those who greeted me were truly the ones who always remembers my birthday.  For that I am happy. 

After my birthday, I still received greetings and gifts. But what came unexpectedly is this gift from Cebuana. 

I didn't expect this.  
Thank you very much.

So now that I am 46, and I have had the time to think, I feel I should pursue what's long overdue. What it is, I will blog about it soon. 

In the meantime, allow me to thank all of you who've remembered.. 

Maraming Salamat ❤❤❤

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