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Monday, August 29, 2022

Bikers retrace the road to freedom for National Heroes Day

Bikers from Bataan, Pampanga, Tarlac and nearby provinces pedaled along the route traversed by the country’s heroes in a fun ride for a cause dubbed, “Ride for Valor.”

The “Ride for Valor” a non-competitive 160 kilometers long bike ride raised funds to save our heroes’ historical markers so that we may remember their sacrifice. The funds will be turned over to the Filipino-American Memorial Endowment (FAME) a non-government organization that maintains the kilometer markers of the Bataan Death March from Mariveles, Bataan to Capas, Tarlac.

In the past, Bataan Death March markers had been destroyed, uprooted, and neglected due to drainage and other road projects. Ten (10) Death March historical markers in Mariveles, and four (4) in Limay, Bataan have to be relocated soon due to road widening and other repairs.

The Death March markers serve as a reminder of the route taken by Filipino soldiers who defended the country against Japanese forces during World War II some 80 years ago. About 10,000 brave soldiers died along the route; many of the bodies were never identified or recovered.

The ride is part of the 30th anniversary of the Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB). PVB is a commercial bank owned by World War II veterans and their families. As part of its charter, PVB allocates 20% of its annual net income for the benefit of its shareholders.
Around 80,000 Filipino and American soldiers and prisoners of war were forced by the Japanese military to march 69 miles from Bataan to Tarlac during World War II. Only some 54,000 persons reached the camp, and around 20,000 died due to starvation, dehydration, diseases, and the brutality of Japanese captors.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Jollibee to Open in the Heart of Times Square, New York on August 18

THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. Jollibee makes it to the heart of Times Square, right beside Good Morning America.

TIMES SQUARE, NEW YORK CITY, USA. 12 August 2022 – Another first in its international expansion plan, homegrown restaurant chain Jollibee will open in the heart of the iconic Times Square, New York on August 18, 2022. The newest store opening forms part of the Jollibee Group’s aggressive overseas expansion and sustained growth in one of its key pillar markets, North America.

Also known as the “Crossroads of the World,” Times Square is a top global commercial and entertainment hub. Jollibee Times Square will be located right beside Good Morning America and in the Bowtie, where the famous New Year’s Eve Ball Drop takes place. The store is expected to attract new fans and introduce the brand to more mainstream American customers.
“We are excited to spread the joy of eating to everyone and contribute to the diverse and exciting food scene in Times Square,” shared Maribeth Dela Cruz, Jollibee Group’s President for Philippine Brands (Jollibee, Chowking, and Red Ribbon) in North America.
The Times Square branch will offer Jollibee menu favorites, including the world-famous Chickenjoy fried chicken and Chicken Sandwich–each with its own spicy variant, and other favorites such as Peach Mango Pie and Jolly Spaghetti.
Now with 84 locations across North America and over 1,500 restaurants worldwide, Jollibee continues to grow its presence in the U.S. and Canada, with plans of reaching 500 stores in the next five to seven years. Jollibee is the flagship brand of the Jollibee Group, one of the world's largest and fastest growing restaurant companies. To learn more about Jollibee and other brands of the Jollibee Group, visit

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thoughts About Butter at 2 am PH time

To some, butter is just a luxury. To others, a necessity. Well, to each his own. For me, neither. 

Since we arrived here in July, this is the first butter I bought, after we received salary, of course, mainly because butter and cheese are expensive here. What more when we arrived, we were holding our fists tightly for our budget to last us a full month. Still, it isn't luxury. Luxury is for a few people to afford. Everyone can afford butter, that's how I see it. It's different when you can afford to buy but you won't because it's not important as of the moment. In other words, we didn't indulge on butter because there were other options that are far better in terms of price and quality.
Butter. Not really a necessity but something we often used but had to miss out on in the month of July. But mind you, daughter never complained because we bought cheaper, home made Strawberry Jam. Yes, their Strawberry jam is cheap here, but still so good. 

Anyway, back to this butter I bought. I had to choose this one because this is the cheapest -- still pricey, but this is the cheapest.. We still need to replenish what we have spent in travelling here so all options must be affordable. Wise buys in other words. So this is our first time to try this brand and realized it is another product of New Zealand... Actuallly, they have lots of products from New Zealand here that we can't find in the Philippines. And it's from grass-fed cows so it  must be good.. Grass-fed cows are far better than all other kinds. They produce better milk which then will be used to make better dairy products. Oh diba? Healthy and Sosyal..  hehehe.. We now have butter on pancakes and I have also baked bread and buttered them when served. August is a little better than July..

Butter.. not a necessity, but I sure don't consider it luxury.  It has its purpose, maybe.. It's something that makes mornings with freshly baked breads, a happier way to start the day.. plus coffee of course 😉 and chocolate drink for the Missy.

Ah.. don't mind me. I just can't sleep yet.. I wonder why I've been thinking of butter? Hmmmm... 

Thursday, August 4, 2022

At 21, fashion designer Ellis Co breaks away from traditional runway shows

Manila’s stylish crop witness the exclusive runway presentation, marking the launch of high-fashion streetwear brand ARCHIVES
The future meets the present as Ellis Co, 21, presented his debut collection with the idea of déjà vu in mind. Dubbed “Memoirs of the Future,” the fall 2022 collection marked the coming of his high-fashion streetwear brand ARCHIVES.
“I chose the brand name ARCHIVES because the clothes that I design are timeless and lasting pieces, and in itself, a collection of historical records,” Ellis, the brand’s founder and director of design, said. “I perceive these pieces as the remnants of me as a designer for years to come, and years after I’m gone.”

Described as a fashion presentation beyond the traditional runway, the “Memoirs of the Future” show was truly a multisensory experience envisioned by the young designer. To make this fashion time travel possible, he worked with director Frank Mamaril to bring his vision come to life. And on July 27, 2022, Whitespace Manila in Makati City was transformed into a portal where guests got a glimpse of the future of fashion through Ellis' designs, with the help of ARCHIVES’ creative director Reika Mayani.
The guiding theme of the collection is Ellis' passion for eco-brutalism, modernity, and Japanese fashion aesthetic. These themes were echoed in the many elements of the event starting with the food. Featuring the culinary works of chef Margarita Fores, Manila’s most fashionable crowd was treated to a modern gastronomic journey as the first part of the ARCHIVES experience. Upon entering the show's venue, guests were instantly transported to the future. Like a scene from a dystopian film, the space was an arena where gray angular structures were complemented with lush greens, offering the perfect set to Ellis' designs.
Opening the show were the musicians from the Manila String Machine, setting the mood as they performed Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, Concerto No. 2, “Summer” III. Presto. The string musician’s performance didn’t end there. Throughout the show, they played melodies accompanying the contemporary beats of the music produced by Ellis, another nod to the future-meets-now theme.
As the fog began to rise, models walked the runway wearing Ellis’ designs. “Memoirs of the Future” presented a total of 44 looks, divided into segments for the show. It started with a parade of black, giving a first look at the designer’s take on unconventional proportions. Outerwear was reimagined into oversized pieces with obi belts and curved cut lapels—the designer’s signature touch. Breaking the dark and gloomy display was a white garb with a flounced hat that was so dramatic it took everyone’s breath away. Following it was Ellis’ play on neutrals and fall dressing. Classic pairings like the black dress with a trench coat and puffer coats and cargo-like pants got a new look with his exploration of structure and silhouettes. Ending the show was a display of his gray designs making it a true fashion display for the cool kids of today.
“When I design, I’m very focused on the silhouette, how the shape looks, how the piece drops on the body, especially, the minor details,” Ellis said. “Basically, I’m trying to make something that hasn’t been done yet but is still familiar. I try to find the familiarity in the unfamiliar.”
Apart from Ellis’ inspiration, what made this collection unique was his addition of boxing gloves and head gears to some of the pieces. This is another personal stamp of the designer as prior to becoming a self-taught architect, music producer, and designer, he also has a background in boxing.
Another recurring theme in the show is androgyny. Aside from the clothes, a sense of gender neutrality was also present in the models’ makeup. To achieve that, Ellis worked with makeup artist Gery Penaso. Much like future humans out of hibernation pods, the female and male models sported an elevated bedhead look—burgundy eyes, bleached brows, and raw and unpolished hair with metallic tipped nails completing the whole vibe.
“The collection is very detailed. I want to make sure that we apply it also to the beauty looks,” Gery said. “It is very rare on the runway to have nails also done. When they all come down to the runway, they look very cohesive”
Ending the fashion presentation on a high note were the electrifying performances by Jalen Davis, popularly known as MDMA or Molly (an American recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia) while DJ Patty Tiu played the coolest music for the night crowd.
“There are standards for quality, but when it comes to creativity, fashion is a medium,” Ellis said. “Whatever you create through fabric, that’s your own original design. It is just like music and painting, but your tool is the fabric. Fashion is an art form.”
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