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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thoughts About Butter at 2 am PH time

To some, butter is just a luxury. To others, a necessity. Well, to each his own. For me, neither. 

Since we arrived here in July, this is the first butter I bought, after we received salary, of course, mainly because butter and cheese are expensive here. What more when we arrived, we were holding our fists tightly for our budget to last us a full month. Still, it isn't luxury. Luxury is for a few people to afford. Everyone can afford butter, that's how I see it. It's different when you can afford to buy but you won't because it's not important as of the moment. In other words, we didn't indulge on butter because there were other options that are far better in terms of price and quality.
Butter. Not really a necessity but something we often used but had to miss out on in the month of July. But mind you, daughter never complained because we bought cheaper, home made Strawberry Jam. Yes, their Strawberry jam is cheap here, but still so good. 

Anyway, back to this butter I bought. I had to choose this one because this is the cheapest -- still pricey, but this is the cheapest.. We still need to replenish what we have spent in travelling here so all options must be affordable. Wise buys in other words. So this is our first time to try this brand and realized it is another product of New Zealand... Actuallly, they have lots of products from New Zealand here that we can't find in the Philippines. And it's from grass-fed cows so it  must be good.. Grass-fed cows are far better than all other kinds. They produce better milk which then will be used to make better dairy products. Oh diba? Healthy and Sosyal..  hehehe.. We now have butter on pancakes and I have also baked bread and buttered them when served. August is a little better than July..

Butter.. not a necessity, but I sure don't consider it luxury.  It has its purpose, maybe.. It's something that makes mornings with freshly baked breads, a happier way to start the day.. plus coffee of course 😉 and chocolate drink for the Missy.

Ah.. don't mind me. I just can't sleep yet.. I wonder why I've been thinking of butter? Hmmmm... 

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