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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Feeling Better: 4th Day in the Hospital

I am feeling better today. I can now go to the toilet on my own. My world is not spinning anymore, but I have to be subjected to so many laboratory tests so I must stay in the hospital until all the doctors will clear me for everything, then I can go home. 

I am grateful for my friends and co teachers for standing by me in this crazy time away from my family and loved ones. Technically, these two are family here in Myanmar. I do not know what will happen to me if they weren't around.

Thank you Mr. Steve, our principal, for the flowers. 

And the well wishes from everyone at school. 

I am hoping to get discharged soon. 

Monday, June 1, 2020

A New Beginning

 I had been a blogger since 2009. I stopped blogging in 2015. For whatever reason, only reason knows why. Ha! Kinda philosophical. But really, I just stopped taking care of my blogs, and left the blogosphere.  But I miss it. I miss the entries, making content, writing endlessly when I feel frustrated or when I am excited to share things that bring me great joy, and just want to air out stuff that brings me great sorrow. That was me, Mommy Dharlz a.k.a. Empowered Mom. 

Before deciding a come back, I had to decide on what domain name to take. Should I buy the old names of my previous blogs? Should I get a new one? Of course, I still have my More Food Adventures, A Teacher's Journey and Just the Tip of an Iceberg.. They're all floating and waiting for me to add entry. I will link them up here for easy access. 

So yeah, now I am officially back with my name on the blogosphere as my main blog this time.. I hope you enjoy every post I will share here..