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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Excited for this event:

It's a project based Science Competition and Donation Fundraising for the benefit of the Aung Thuka Foundation.. 

Thank you Universe <3 I am happy to be part of this good cause. You too can join.

Donation is still open. Gift giving will be on December 18, 2020. Just contact the numbers on the poster.

Friday, November 13, 2020

No Holiday For a Teacher

I have been teaching for more than half my life. Although some parts of that were involvements in organizations and I didn't really get paid to teach. But for the most part, whether it's a paid teaching job, or as a volunteer, teaching has always been rewarding. Although it entails long hours of preparation, long hours of extended service and unpaid overtimes, it will still be the job I will choose to have. Maybe even after I retire. Ha! I feel guilty sometimes because I am not with my daughter, and not really hands-on with her now, but come to think of it, it is one of the rewards I reaped. I have trained my daughter to become an  independent learner who excels even with less or no supervision with school work. Talking to her everyday online to follow up,  and talking with her teachers during PTC just proves that we parents must train our children to do things on their own then success in their learning can truly be theirs, and not ours to claim. Minimal supervision and mentoring can do wonders for a child who seeks learning and knowledge. That is a good thing. Of course, for my daughter, the training started at home, so she really didn't have any problem. But as a teacher, and seeing that some parents spoon feed their children makes me wonder. I wonder what will become of these children. No matter how much teachers encourage students to do independent learning, but if parents want to do things for their children, then that is the biggest problem. 

Anyway, today is a holiday, Deepavali or Diwali - Festival of Lights for our brothers and sisters of Jainism. We don't have classes today, but we are all busy here in the house finishing tasks and doing school related activities for next week. As an overseas Filipino teacher, each of us always do our best, because we do not want people to stereotype Filipino teachers badly. Ten times the best we gave when we were still teaching/working back home. One could say, there is really no holiday for a teacher, and especially if the teacher is also a mother. Teaching is a lifelong vocation, and just like motherhood, it doesn't end. 

Happy Deepavali/Diwali everyone..