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Monday, November 23, 2020

Nothing to write? But I have so many things I wanna share...

Gone were the days when I could keep up posting on 47 blogs and keeping them up to date on a daily basis. That used to be my bread and butter  in those days, and I loved it. I loved the freedom,  as well as the income. Although I had to spend on what I wrote about, I still get more from how much I spent. I miss attending blogger events and meeting, as well as, networking with other bloggers, and learn new things about our job. And the bloggermail of course.. Freebies for review, and some products for paid posting.. hahaha.. Believe it or not, for many years it has allowed me to provide good education and the needs of my daughter, until I joined the public school system and became a public school teacher for less than five (5) years, and moved here to become an overseas Filipino teacher. 

I am having a great time being a Science teacher now, and although we are always busy, especially now that we teach online, I still think of blogging as a good way to express my thoughts and perhaps earn from it again. But then again, maybe not. I heard that some of the clients we had before are now into different mediums. So I guess I am back from where everything started, four (4) blogs, three (3) of which, are old blogs I just republished, while  the rest are hidden, and some thoughts waiting for me to type them... 

I have so many things I want to share, but I don't know where to begin.. Sometimes it feels that I have nothing to write about, and then I sit quietly for a moment, and they come knocking, just when I am about to start doing something job-related.. tsk.. 

Anyway, baby steps.. I shall find time to share my thoughts here.. and share them bit by bit.. I haven't announced my come-back so I don't really expect any readers any time soon.. 

It's just me and the blogosphere awaiting the reentry of Mommy Dharlz.. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Excited for this event:

It's a project based Science Competition and Donation Fundraising for the benefit of the Aung Thuka Foundation.. 

Thank you Universe <3 I am happy to be part of this good cause. You too can join.

Donation is still open. Gift giving will be on December 18, 2020. Just contact the numbers on the poster.