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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Nilagang Baboy

We're back to eating together again after our New Year medya noche. Tonight's meal is Nilagang Baboy. 
Nilagang Baboy or in Binisaya, Lauyang Baboy. This dish always reminds me of home. 
The best part for me is always the leg part. For the recipe, click this link

Back home, we always have this on weekends because of how tasking the process is.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Grateful for the Constant in Life

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you will never know what you are gonna get." Hmmm, that famous line made popular by Forest Gump is truly something, but I prefer talking about what's constant in life, rather than those uncertainties.
Like the image I am sharing here of my diffuser and electric mosquito killer, the lights from them can best represent life, my life. The electric mosquito killer which doesn't change its light color, represents all the constant in life, including death, while the oil diffuser, with the changing light colors, represents all the uncertainties coz even though the lights look so appealing, changes happen to it. Water evaporates, the oils form clumps if unchanged, will turn off when the timer is up, and many others. 

There are so many things we want, so many things we seek but at the end of the day, we go back to what's constant; rest, sleep, food, family, friends, comfort, love and whatever else we value or those that give is value. No matter how far we journey, no matter where we set our feet on, there is still that longing of home and the sweet embrace of the ones you love. And no matter how far we've travelled, our journey always leads us back home - whether it's the home you came from or the home you are going to build in the new frontier, it is what it is, and it is always worth every journey. And this is true to every human whose heart yearns for that, even the most adventurous of us. Home is a constant. It is where my heart resides.

So why think of the uncertainty when you can always be grateful of what's constant in your life? We can always face uncertainties head-on with  a positive outlook and a lot of prayer. 

I am grateful for all the constant in my life, as they are the ones that anchor my existence amidst the changing tides. At some point, we may hit rock bottom, but it is always a fact that we shall always go back up and float. Swim to shore or get fished out of the water, there will always be a way out. Although death is inevitable, and a constant, drowning is never an option. Do whatever you can to save yourself. Pray harder if you must, and remember this, faith and trust always saves. Believing is a constant that never fails us. So believe. Have faith. Trust the process. 

Such a lengthy reminder to myself.
Thanks for reading it too.