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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Why The Short Hiatus?

Hello everyone. It's quite long already. I just noticed I didn't have any update since Christmas. I never thought farm life could be this busy for me. Well, I am alone here so you could understand why. 

Anyway, since December I was busy with my Turkeys. All 3 ladies, Lorna, Aida and Fe, were busy laying and hatched eggs. But all 16 poults didn't make it to Valentines Day. My female Ayam Cemani died, and my sister's female Rhode Island Red. And 3 other chickens. And 1 upgraded Palomino too. Not good. But I learned my lessons. I am trying to resolve them. Find solutions and do better next time. That will perhaps go to another blog post. 

So December and January were not good months for me, but February changed the sad vibe. Candy, my rabbit doe gave birth last Feb 17. There were 7 kits but 2 were premature so she technically started with 5. Within the 5 days, 1 died so on her 2nd week now she has been nursing and taking care of 4 cute kits.

But this isn't the only blessing. I bought 12 - 2-month-old rabbits and my supplier gave me a freebie. A 6-month-old doe which he said is ready for breeding. So my plan was to have her bred with Cotton. But lo and behold! She gave birth to 7 kits last Feb 15. My supplier didn't think she was pregnant. Downside, she was jittery and didn't know how to feed her kits so after 2 died, my siblings and daughter had to assist her. 

And since she has the tendency to step on them, they had been separated from her for their safety.

Not all of the 12 rabbits are here on the farm. Only 3 male Upgraded Palominos were brought here last week. The 6 Palominos and a Lionhead-Palomino, plus Brooke, the doe that gave birth, are still at home. I will probably see them in March yet. I pray all newborns will survive. They may just be animals but it always breaks my heart when an animal dies. 

Moving forward, my female turkeys have started to lay eggs again, all 3 of them. Marco had been busy.. hehehe.. My friends who also raise turkeys have shared their experiences and how to manage poults from day 1 of hatching. 

So that's it for now. I am waiting for my ducks to arrive too. 

Till next blogpost.. take care everyone.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Healthy, Hassle-Free Holiday Bundles from The Goodwill Market

Tis the season to show you care by sending healthy goodies from The Goodwill Market to family and friends. The gift baskets have been carefully curated to fit different lifestyles, filled with wholesome products that focus on health and wellbeing. 
What’s more, they can be delivered safely and conveniently to your loved ones doorstep via orders on The Goodwill Market website. You don’t have to leave the comfort and safety of your home to send out healthy and high-quality gifts this Christmas. 

The Goodwill Market is an online shop owned and operated by Dygen Pharma Distribution Corporation (DPDC), a subsidiary of Dyna Drug Corporation. Its mission is to make premium brands more accessible to Filipino consumers with online orders and fuss-free delivery. “This is a very valuable e-commerce service especially as everyone stays safe inside their homes” says DPDC General Manager May Panganiban. “Our gift packages contain a wide selection of health and wellness products that are sure to add a spark of joy to the holidays.”

Here are some of the gift selections that you can send as corporate giveaways, or as personalized gifts to your loved ones.

1. The Holiday Flavor Pack delivers goodies that are fit for the season’s feasts. It contains a selection of imported pasta sauces for easy meals made special.

2. Work from Home (WFH) is a healthy spread of snacks and ingredients that are perfect for who like to bond over good food while working. Wholesome meals and snacks are more accessible with tasty treats and premium ingredients.
3. The Lunch Box Buddies is the perfect gift for parents who shower this kids with love and care. It’s got everything they need to make bath time fun while taking care of baby’s sensitive skin. It’s also got kiddie vitamins for that extra boost of protection.  

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